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Uncategorized » Despicable Me: Minion Rush guide: How to get high Scores and Multipliers.

Despicable Me is a runner based endless movie, where you can play as a talking minions. You have to play as one single minion and soon become the minion if the months or the years by scoring high. You have to get high multipliers to do this as well. Read the tips and tricks given below on how to get high scores and high multipliers.
Let’s start with multipliers first, they are the cornerstone of high scores. You have to complete the mission as soon as possible in order to increase your base multiplier. Your level will go up when you fill the multiplier bar and you will get a base multiplier that’s higher too.
There are many missions to complete, complete as many as possible. Add Facebook friends if you don’t have any add people who play this game and comment their post.
Crash every minion you come across the multiplier box on the top left corner will get filled automatically. Every single obstacle you hit will also be good for another despicable action when you use the mega minion. It increases your multiplier to skyrocket. Make the mega minion to last longer, increase your ability to get a huge multiplier.
Unlock the baby costume, it’s another way to increase your multiplier permanently which costs 20, 000 bananas. You will increase your multiplier by 1 permanently while unlocking it.
You can increase your score massively with all these multiplier. Use a perk before you play a stage to multiply your potential score by 5. You have to take every power you can, especially the fluffy unicorn mini game. Use the launcher to get a big head start on the stage and defeat the boss.

Reference from: www.cheatcc.com

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